Why Developers prefer to opt for a Cross-Platform Development

Emerging technologies has turned the mobility to play an imperative role in the fast-paced world. Mobile application development services have turned among one of the most preferred and lucrative industries of the business world. 

“The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.”

Mobile application development involves a lot of stages designing, programming, different user interferences which leads the app development into a major challenge.

Hence, to fulfill the demand, overcome the challenge and deliver mobile applications for different platforms on deadline. Developers opt for cross-platform development. 

Cross-platform development process allows developers to create the app source code for one platform and they can deploy the same code on other platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Let’s know the reason why developers want to opt for the trending process of cross-platform development. 

Advantages of Cross-Platform Development 

Reusable codes

The major benefit of the Cross-platform is, it excludes the repetitive task. Developers don’t have to write the different codes for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and web. With cross-platform development, developers have to work only with one source code and they can deploy the same code to the operating system. 

Saves Time 

To create the code is considered as the most time-consuming process. Often to develop the code for multiple platforms is turned as a major challenge for the developers, but now with cross-platform development developers, can create the code in one attempt. It helps to save a lot of time for the resources by excluding the repetition tasks. 

Access to the Multiple Framework and Plug-ins 

Launching of multiple frameworks and easy access to the plugins turn the development process into more faster, easier and reliable. Hence frameworks and plug-ins simplify the development process. There are multiple frameworks and among them, some are high-rated and popular such as Phonegap and Appcelerator. With a single API, modification can be  held easily and smartly. 

HTML5 Coding 

Cross-platform development allows developers to complete the development process of various platforms with one single source code. Hence, developers only have to build the code for only one platform. They can develop the code with easy programming language HTML5. Code with HTML5 can easily integrate or deploy and run on multiple platforms without any hurdle. 

Faster Development 

With cross-platform development, it represents the faster development process. The single code integration on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and Web) turns the development process into faster as well as introduction and support of multiple frameworks and easy access to the plugins simplifies the process and turns into more effortlessly and faster. 


For businesses, it is imperative to launch the mobile app for different platforms such as Android, iOS, and web. To develop customized mobile applications for various platforms it is highly expensive, some entities used to opt for it, some use to opt for one or two platforms and some use to drop the idea of launching the app or to bring their business on digital or online platforms.

The advent of technologies and introducing cross-platform development helps to save the money of the organizations. Hence,  now by paying for one platform development process, organizations are enabled to launch the applications on others also with the same source code. 


The best thing about the cross-platform development is, it maintains the uniformity. UI and UX don’t get affected, it looks the same as it should look on the multiple supported platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. Developers only have to integrate the code and run on the platform. They don’t have to put any efforts to re-design it or modify it. The set of codes are designed in such a many that it works on all the multiple platforms in a suitable manner and brings uniformity. 


Cross-platform development is in high demand and in trend, now developers and even companies prefer to opt for this development platform. This development process has turned the method into more simple, reliable, and faster. Along with this, it offers various benefits to the developers and for companies, it turns into an affordable price.

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