What is an MRI Scan? How can you find the best mri scan centre in Chennai?

What is an MRI Scan? How can you find the best mri scan centre in Chennai?

What is an MRI Scan?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a process involving magnetic fields and radio waves to produce detailed scan images of our internal body parts.

An MRI scan is mainly used in the medical field to examine internal body parts such as; the brain, the spinal cord, liver, heart and so on. And also, blood vessels, bones, joints and muscle structures. Such detailed images of these parts are helpful in diagnosing diseases, health status and ailments. It also helps in plating treatments properly and also determine how adequate the previous treatments have been on the specific ailments.


What are the uses of an MRI Scan?

The most important usage of MRI is the detection of diseases within the body which cannot be determined using normal physical tests. For instance, when examining a trauma, it may seem as simply a bleeding or swelling in the brain, but it could be even more than that, this is where the use of MRI becomes important. Neurosurgeons use these images to examine the brain anatomy and spine integrity after a trauma. Or it can also be used to determine abnormalities in the vertebral column.

During a heart ailment, MRI scans can be used to examine the heart and the aorta to find symptoms like cardiac dilation or any tears. MRI is also used to study about the functions of joints, soft tissues and bones.


How is an MRI scan performed?

There are broadly three stages to an MRI process; before the scan, During the scan and after the scan.


Before the Scan.

One the day of the processing, the patient as per the doctor’s advice can either take normal food, water or any medications or nothing at all according to the area to be scanned. Sometimes it is required not to eat or drink anything a few hours before the scan or drink adequate water to compensate for proper hydration.

As the magnetic fields are strong enough, allowance of any metal object is strictly prohibited. These includes; watches, jewellery, piercings, implants, hearing aids and also including clothes that contains metal zips, fasteners, buttons, belts or buckles.


There are some steps which are also needed during an MRI, though not necessary. One of which is Contrast Dye. This mainly involves an injection that helps to contrast particular tissues and blood vessels more clearly. Another one is using anaesthesia and sedatives. This is mainly because an MRI scan requires the patient to be still, and some people having hyperactive disorders, restlessness or claustrophobia need it. Also, it is used for young children who cannot stay still when awake.


After looking at all of these factors, you need to go through some formalities stating that you’re completely fine with the process, submitting any medical histories involving kidney diseases, blood clotting problems or any allergic reactions.   


During the Scan.

The patient is put on a motorised bed either head first or feet first and then moved inside the cylindrical structure that opens from both sides. A computer is used to operate the processing and a radiographer looks after it. The scanning takes some 3-4 minutes or sometimes even 15-90 minutes depending on the area to be scanned and how detailed the images must be. A guardian is allowed in the room during the scanning process to look after the process being taken place. Once the scan is complete, the bed is moved out of the cylinder and you will be good to go.


After the Scan.

After the scanning is done, the images will be processed accordingly and then checked by a radiologist in interpreting the scans and X-ray images produced. Other specialists might also be consulted before putting together the final report and sending it to the specified doctor for further examination. This usually take a few days to a few weeks.


How to find the best MRI Scan Centre in Chennai?

Though the MRI process is quite a harmless procedure, it should always be done under the guidance of a professional radiographer. One should always consult a medically certified Centre for such processes.  They should check the Centre thoroughly and undergo any scans under the guidance of a registered and qualified professional only. After this, affordability comes into the issue, so there are various Centres which provide MRI scans at affordable rates, you just have to check at the right places. 


When looking for the best mri scan Chennai is the place to look after. It is the health capital of India. And MRI in Chennai have become very popular these days. This is due to huge technological advancement in the field of healthcare. Chennai offers one of the most affordable rates of an MRI scan (around 4000 INR for one organ scan), still keeping intact the top-notch quality of scans that it provides. Almost all the reputed centres have a range of high quality equipments and instruments along with verified professionals and specialists. Thus, we can always expect a fairly decent report guaranteeing customer satisfaction in all ways.    


Finding the best mri scan centre in Chennai is quite easy, one just has to log over the internet and enter the proper keywords, there are literally tons of sites that provides information about MRI Scan Centres in Chennai. A decent centre will have a good recommendation in more than one sites and also a good customer rating and review. So always look out for it. Reviews are very important in knowing how well the centre is when you’re checking over it on the internet. The quality of the Centre is considered to be good is the rating is above 5/10 and also the positive reviews given by the customers should be in majority considering the other ones. People checking out MRI centres online must also look for some additional benefits such as emergency services in times of a sudden emergency and also 24×7 hours service in case the patient needs medical attention anytime.

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