Family lawyers near me have the ability to provide services to the clients in the entire family law area. This area comprised of issues of children, child support and maintenance, property settlement and divorce. Family lawyers Perth provides representation and legal advice to the clients regarding the issues in the family and also in the field of protection of a child. They are highly experienced and have deep knowledge in the family law area. Their main aim is to provide an effective and meaningful solution to the clients. Team of best family lawyers Perth believes in giving excellent and personalized services to the entire clients.

Divorce experience is bitter and tougher for the one who faces it. The worst parts are losing custody of a child in the court proceedings. The best method to receive child custody is to communicate with the law firm of highly reputed type for getting advice regarding the matter of child custody. Child custody lawyer in Perth could provide the best guidance regarding this matter and it would be wise to communicate with them for proper guidance before the initiation of court proceedings. Any type of information regarding child custody is provided by the lawyer so it is recommended to contact them. Family lawyers Peth have faced a lot of child custody cases and got a positive result in this particular form of cases in the proceedings of the court. If any individual seeks help from family lawyers near me then they would start with every minute details regarding the child custody case and would provide you the best options available to the seekers.

According to the law if the age of the child is below 5 years then the mother could receive the physical custody of the child and the father would only be provided with the rights of visitation. However, when the child crossed the 5 years barrier the upbringing and the custody of a child would be decided by the court itself. Hence, if the custody of the child is handed over to the father then the mother would file a case for seeking the custody of the child/ it is only possible when the father denies the same for the mother. There are numerous cases in which the rights of visitation of the father is canceled by the court. This is because the court somehow got convinced that visiting by father to the child is creating an ill effect and it tries to create a barrier in the growth and well being of the child.

One of the most important issues that arrive after divorce us the child custody matters. In a maximum number of cases all over the world custody of a child is fixed between the parents without the interference of the court. However, it would be wise to consult best family lawyers in Perth before taking such a decision. This not only proves beneficiary on the legal side but also it would be better for the future of the child. The children below the age of 18 years have the right to be under the maintenance of the legal guardians. The parents who are provided with the custody are responsible for taking care of the children. There are a lot of cases in which the children custody is shared between the parents. However, physical custody would be obtained by one parent only. The decision of the court mainly depends on the welfare of the child and not on the argument presented by the parent in the court.

The court provides the decision on the custody of the child based on diversified aspects that connect with child welfare. These factors comprised of the parent’s character, parents economic condition, particular will of the deceased parent, child sex and many more. The preference for children is taken into consideration after 9 years. The father could file a case of the custody of the children if the mother remarried another person. Generally, the custody provided to the court to the mother gets rejected if the mother gets married again. However, if the father gets remarried this law is not applicable if the second wife is unable to give childbirth. It would be wise to contact family lawyers Perth to get information regarding child custody.

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