What are the benefits of OMR software over OMR scanner?

Optical mark reader software has been designed to eliminate the earlier underlying drawbacks of the conventional OMR technology. Becoming a solution that serves complete OMR needs right from designing to scanning and evaluation of sheets, OMR software is a much better improvised form of what OMR used to be earlier.

What are the benefits of OMR software over OMR scanner

Separate designing of sheets, scanning with bulky expensive scanners, and manual evaluation of sheets, all of it used to be the hassles that came along with the OMR method but with the invention of OMR software times have changed.

Benefits of OMR software

  • No need for separate OMR sheet designer. OMR software comes with free inbuilt tools and templates that can be easily customized to create any type of OMR sheet or form.
  • You can design the sheets using any size of paper- letter, legal, A4, A3 and A5.
  • No need for expensive scanners and printers. You can attach any normal printer and scanner and still you will get complete accuracy.
  • OMR reader software comes with super OMR sheet reading speed that is approx. 300 sheets in a minute.
  • AI features to detect cheating and wrong answer key.
  • As OMR sheet checking software it can automatically evaluate and sort data according to scores and subject.

There are many more features of OMR software but the most profitable feature that we will discuss here is the benefit of OMR software above a separate OMR scanner. Now you have already read above that any type of scanner such as flatbed, ADF and MFP can be paired with OMR software, but if you are still in double mind then I will further state more of its benefits.

Benefits of OMR software over separate OMR scanner


  • OMR software– Optical mark reader software works with all types of image and document scanners that are present in the market and holds no dependency on any specific factor.
  • OMR Scanner– OMR scanners are mostly manufactured out of India and are imported from outside. If there comes any trouble with any part of the scanner then finding easy availability of spare parts becomes difficult.


  • OMR software- It is a comprehensive OMR solution available at most affordable cost and serves all the purposes at once. It doesn’t require any expensive add-ons and normal scanners that are paired with it are also available at cheap rates.
  • OMR Scanner- A separate OMR scanner comes at whooping expensive rate and serves only a single purpose, i.e. scanning of OMR sheets and forms.


  • OMR software– Software technology has got vast chances of customization and modification. A team of people are especially dedicated to customize the OMR software according to the user’s requirement.
  • OMR Scanner– It is an expensive hardware device that has got absolutely no chances of customization or modification.

Scope of maintenance

  • OMR software– It doesn’t require any maintenance and is also not affected by external criteria’s such as space or environment.
  • OMR Scanner– Maintenance of a separate OMR scanner is a cumbersome task as it has got bulky body that is difficult to clean and manage. Sometimes it also requires air-conditioned room due to heating issues that makes it more of a burden.


  • OMR software– It guarantees 100% accuracy that too at affordable rate and with more functionality.
  • OMR Scanner– OMR scanner also guarantees 100% accuracy.

Cropping of images

  • OMR software– It can crop images and save it as a different file that is easily accessible by the user.
  • OMR Scanner– It can also crop images but then it comes as an add-on because of which its price increases.

OMR Forms

  • OMR software– Traditional, normal and even photocopied forms can be scanned using the OMR software.
  • OMR Scanner– It can read only traditional OMR forms.

Bar Code

  • OMR software– It can read 1D, 2D barcodes and even QR codes at very affordable plug-in.
  • OMR Scanner– It can also read 1D and 2D barcodes but then its cost increases more.


OMR software is an all in one solution- OMR sheet designing software, OMR reader software and OMR sheet checking software, all of the attributes are available as one integrated software form.

Its benefits are numerous in terms of features, flexibility and accuracy which make it a much better option over those expensive OMR scanners that have so many limitations and are even expensive.

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