Underwater Tracking, ROV Camera And Light Systems For Your Excursions

Underwater tracking systems, ROV lights & cameras, and sensor arrays are all needed when you are trying to make your expedition as simple and painless as possible.  For the most part, you need to look at the way that you will use these items because your scientific work is different from everyone else’s.  You can get a brand new system that was made just for your company, or you can order something that might be easier to use over the course of time.  You can rent your gear if you will only use it for a short period of time, and you can get all this equipment near the water before your vessel shoves off.

What Is Underwater Tracking?

Underwater tracking can be done with a sonar beacon, a winch cable, or any other sensor array that will track your ROV/gear.  The underwater tracking system you use can show you where the device has gone, where all you devices are resting, and even give you a field of vision that exceeds what you could see on your own.  Some people actually use these tracking systems to make a map that will show all the gear they have deployed in the waters where they are studying.

What Is An ROV?

An ROV is a remote operated vehicle that is essentially a submarine.  You can use the ROV to dive through the water, come up with pictures that you need from the ocean floor, and track the installation of your sensors.  The ROV that you buy or rent could be any size, and they are controlled by the top unit at the boat that drives them. You will connect your ROV to the boat with a winch, and you can get information from the device through a long winch cable.  

The ROV can have as many lights and cameras attached to it as you want, and you can drop the vessel into the water with a large crane or slide it off the back of a boat.  Some people would prefer to leave their ROV in the water for long periods of time, and it can actually be powered by the winch cable.

The Winch

You must attach a winch to your boat so that you can connect your ROV and sensor array to the boat.  The winch can lower your ROV into the water, and it can be the only tether that your sensors have to the boat.  The beauty of the winch is that it can be used for any vessel, can carry any weight, and it can give you the power that is needed to pull everything out of the water.  


You can rent your devices if you want because you would like to spend as little money as possible.  A lot of people are not going to have the money to buy all their gear, and they can rent for a few days while they complete their survey.  You should ask about a rental and compare that price to buying. Some teams need to buy their gear because they will use it over and over. Rentals can be returned at the docks when the study is over, and you can even get help removing things like the winch and the ROV from your boat.

The underwater tracking and ROV Lights & Camera that you use for scientific surveys can be rented or bought without any trouble.  You can meet with someone who will help you choose these products, help you with installation, and show you how to connect all your devices to the appropriate computers and sensors.

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