Underrated Things You Should Thank Your Siblings For If You Haven’t Already!

Are you familiar with sayings like “you are adopted,” “you were disposed of in the garbage when mom brought you home”? If yes, that means you are lucky enough to have siblings. No one else has the audacity to say you these golden words, except your siblings. How often you wish to get rid of them? Let me guess, every second day, right? That’s what sibling bond is, they make us question their birth, but at the same time, you get agitated if you don’t see them for a single day. Remember, you were the only source of entertainment for each other when the internet was a luxury, although televisions were into existence but that too in some privileged houses. But your activities (almost fights) were the source of entertainment for the whole family. When it was your first day at school, you had no friends, but there was always one friend by default, your sibling. 

Even though I don’t want to say that out loud, but having siblings is a blessing. There have been several times when I wished that I was an only child of the house, but my brother doesn’t let this thought to last longer. How can you forget who gets an online cake delivery to celebrate your birthday at midnight? It is your biological buddy. I understand that during childhood, you were not mature enough to understand certain things. But as you get older and wiser, now if you look back, you will notice that there are so many things that your siblings had done for you since the start.

Who’s your assured army

Who was there when you caught a fight with your classmate double your size? Or when your parents were bashing you. And even when you wished to do something really crazy in public? Your partner in crime, always it was your sibling. Regardless of how much your elder siblings beat the shit out of you, they can never tolerate anyone else getting pleasure from the same task. They always have your back no matter how screwed up your life is.

For having faith in us

You know who admires you and think you rock? Your younger siblings. Even if their actions say otherwise, they fight with you like hell; still, they believe that you are amazing and want to be just like you. You set the base for younger ones to try and be stronger and better, so whenever you are down yourself, you know there is a younger version that still believes that you can do it. Though the older siblings may pull you down saying that you can’t do it, but trust me, when you accomplish something, no one is happier than them. 

They were your guinea pig

Well, this happens mostly with the younger ones. Remember you treated your siblings like your guinea pig whenever you wished to experiment something. That innocent soul was always ready to be your subject. Be it putting makeup on their faces( mostly on brothers), or playing doctor and asking them to be your patient. I even dressed up my brother in my clothes and applied makeup to his face. Not to lie to you, but he was excited too. That’s what I like about younger siblings; they are so innocent that they willingly gave you a fodder which you can use now to tease them. 

Giving best advice

Siblings are best at giving advice. Remember when your brother advised you to steal money from your mom’s purse, to purchase your favorite ice cream? But no, I am not talking about that advice. But siblings always hold some advice for you. Whenever you are nervous about doing something for the first time in your life, their piece of advice always helps you through. You cant always share everything with your parents, so in some dilemmas, it is your siblings you can look up to. 

Best friends by default

They were your friends even before you knew friends were a word. They were your best pals even before you knew how to make friends. Your search for a best friend ended right after their birth. They are always there to hang out with you, which means you don’t need to invite your friends over to have fun. 

Maybe because we have always seen them around, we really take them for granted. Well, you should really thank god for this, else you would have messed up in this department if it was on you to choose your siblings. Thank them for always sticking around, and if you suck at words, just order flowers online with cake for them, and they will understand.

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