Top 7 Benefits of Granite Worktops

Wondering which countertop to buy? Granite could be your best bet.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that is extracted is curated forming beautiful and elegant patterned slabs that are widely used at homes, offices, and industries. People across the world prefer Granite over other stones since it is natural and astoundingly hard. Granite offers a wide range of choices, so you could opt for a polished mirror finish, a matte surface finish, or even a leather finish for a chic look.  The stone may seem expensive but it is worth the investment since it is durable and looks stunning.

Aesthetic Appeal: The stone has a distinctive and timeless aura. The exotic granite slabs can be used in suites, halls, kitchen countertop, and more. The smooth finish rendered by the granite brightens the spaces. The granite slab floor gives an eye appealing appearance and becomes the center of attraction.  The polished finish granite looks classy and exclusive.

The Significance in Kitchen: The biggest highlight in your kitchen is, without doubt, the countertop. Granite kitchen worktops for the base for activities like kneading, fabricating, as a heat resistant for utensils, and is splash proof, healthy, fire resistant. Since the granite worktops do not break or get damaged easily, your family can experiment with cooking without being scared of ruining the countertop. Granite is safe and sturdy, which could definitely encourage those trying a hand at cooking for the first time. Granite is a naturally occurring strong stone is resistant to accidental chipping, minor breakages, and scratches from overuse. Granite kitchen worktops can endure harsh conditions like hot temperatures. So, even if you place a hot pan directly on the worktop changes are you won’t damage it.  

The Durability of Granite Countertops: The granite countertop is durable and can last you for almost a lifetime. Granite is non-porous in nature, however, a sealer on the stone can extend the life of the counter and help it resist stains and bacteria.

Anti-bacterial and Dust Proof: Granite is a non-porous stone and hence, the granite slab surface does not absorb any dust particles, and grit. The smooth and sealed surface makes it easier to clean granite worktop

Chemically Resistant: The granite kitchen worktops are unaffected by chemicals and are acid and base resistant. Yet, overuse must be avoided since this can result in the decay of sealer over the years, causing the need for re-sealing before the recommended time.

Easy Maintenance: Granite necessitates the application of a sealer. The technology of sealers has come a long way over the years, and many are promised to last more than 10 years before any need of re-application. The re-application of sealers is as easy as cleaning the countertops and hence the owners can do it themselves by simply applying the sealer and cleaning the excess of it. The same sealer is recommended to use for re-sealing that was used earlier while installation for better results. If your granite darkens when it is wet, it will return to its original form after the water evaporates. Stone cleaning products should be used to clean the granite slabs as well as spray-on cleaners such as Windex. Avoid using anything that contains bleach, lemon, vinegar or any wipes or cleaners that have grit or acid present in them. If you want to avoid water streaking or spotting, you must wipe your countertops with a soft cloth until they are completely dry.

Costs: The granite material is expensive although can be worth the money, since its apt for multipurpose use, feels luxurious and looks elegant. The price range is wide, depending upon the granite’s quality and brand. 

A Nature-Friendly Material: Granite can also be used in its original form. Even slabs cut from the same rock have a slightly different design. These cut slabs are customized and are variably used. Granite has a natural pattern on it, which gives you an attractive kitchen countertop. 

Granite is certainly the best material that can be used as countertops due to its durability and ability to enhance the overall look of the kitchen. So, stop pondering over other options and rush to the nearest available market to give your kitchen  ravishing granite countertops and a luxurious feel.

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