The Ever-Growing Trend of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

The Ever-Growing Trend of Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

Data is considered the bible for any business and the companies which fail to realize the importance of data, lose massively in this competitive industry. Not only Multinational companies but even a single-person startup generates data of some amount. Any modern day company with a website and a social media presence manages to secure data about customers, user experiences, web traffic, and more. All this data so obtained is full of potential and can be used by a company for better decision making.

The last few years have witnessed an upward trend in outsourcing. Many big and SMEs based in the US look to  outsource data conversion services to third-party service provider companies based in India. In doing so they save a lot of money in operating costs and also on additional costs of hiring and training the right employees. Outsourcing has proved to be a fruitful business decision for many parent companies and they are quick to capitalize on this.

Data Conversion: The Need of the Hour

Now you might ask why do we need data conversion? How does it even help a business? Well, data conversion helps to convert different data formats into a single or desired format. This helps a business to make the appropriate use of the data in order to solve day to day business problems. Having data in multiple formats prevents proper analyzing of data and hence obstructs a business in deriving desired outcomes. A BPO company operating from India is well-equipped with tools to manage and convert multiple data formats into the required data format. Data present in the form of purchase inquiries, product catalogs, customer records, accounts, etc. require to be streamlined in a single format so that they can be accessed without any hassles.

Top 4 Types of Data Conversion Services to Outsource in 2019

A BPO company realizes the importance of data for every emerging business. As without proper data, a business cannot carry on with its everyday operations. Data conversion Services are many and a company needs to do research in order to figure out which service serves its data management problems the best. The third party company comes out as a blessing by providing data conversion solutions before the expected time.

HTML Conversion Services: HyperText Markup Language or HTML is the most popular outsourced service when it comes to data conversion. BPO companies have a team of experts who are well equipped to convert your range of documents into HTML format. This facilitates better sharing and distribution of content and helps a company to tap on to more and more customers.

XML Conversion Services: XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, which has emerged over the years as a very popular format used to display and store data over the internet. The experts have the necessary skills to can convert most web publishing formats into XML files.

Document Conversion: Day to day documents come in different formats and sizes. This makes their segregation and information retrieval a daunting affair. A BPO company has a line of experts who can convert your existing documents into the required formats like pdf, doc, excel and vice-versa, without tampering the data.

OCR/ICR Processing:  OCR stands for Optical character recognition. OCR processing helps in translating scanned images of text and converts the scans into machine-encoded text. For example, OCR is often used to translate books and other lengthy documents into electronic files. On the other hand, ICR stands for Intelligent Character Recognition, which happens to be an advanced and evolved version of OCR and can be used to scan even handwriting.


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