Reasons Why Dedicated Developers Are A Better Choice Than Freelancers

With every other startup opening these days solely based on exploring new dimensions in the field of IT, people often misinterpret that all IT startups will instantly turn into a big hit. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold true for every new organization paving its way into this cut-throat market. A slight lack of experience and decision making can turn things around for worse pretty quickly, and this is exactly why IT startups need proper planning before taking off.

One of the key decisions that every startup has to make is the choice between a dedicated team and freelancers. This is all the more relevant in the case of new-born IT firms when they are forced to make a choice between freelance developers and dedicated developers.

There’s no doubt that freelancers today are equipped with advanced skill-set that they obtain from working on a wide range of fields during their experience. On the other hand, dedicated developers have very specific skills that can be utilized for an organization. However, even after having an upper hand in terms of overall expertise, freelancers aren’t the most popular choice among startups. Why? Let’s discuss the top six reasons why a dedicated team of developers is a much better choice than freelancers.

1- Cost Effectiveness

While it’s true that freelancers carry a treasure trove of skills, one additional thing there is to note is that they would sometimes charge ridiculous amounts of sums for even the simplest of work. This is a result of their habit of estimating work on an hourly basis, with uniform charges for any kind of work. For a new startup that requires relatively basic work in mobile app development, hiring a professional freelancer is a sheer waste of money. Instead, they could opt to hire a team of dedicated developers that could do the same work at reasonable prices.

2- Masters of All Trades

When you’re looking for a particular kind of skill in a developer, it’s always better to go with a member of a development team since you are likely to find the right person with that particular skill as his or her USP. Freelancers, on the other hand, try their hands on everything that’s remotely related to their skill set. This makes them the Jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Choosing a dedicated team of developers, each with a unique set of skills, is therefore a far better choice than freelancers.

3- Flexibility

Hiring freelancer developers has another drawback: they can sometimes be pretty rigid with their work-flow. If they are hired to handle a certain kind of development work, they’re going to do exactly that and nothing more. Conversely, dedicated developers are more faithful to their work. They are more dedicated to getting things done and hence, are always willing to offer extra work.

4- Team Work

Freelancers can engage with your work as much as they want, but they can never be a part of the team. This is another way they bite the dust from a dedicated team of developers, where the power of collective efforts outstrips alone warrior. One of the best ways to understand this is the way in which certain team members are willing to complement each other’s work to ensure that the work is done. A freelancer, with all his or her vast skill set, cannot beat an entire team alone.

5- Accountability

In addition to being more faithful to their work than freelancers, dedicated developers are also more responsible in their roles. This can be evident from the fact that dedicated members are almost always willing to go an extra mile if that’s required from them. Compare this to freelancers, there is always a lack of accountability on freelancers’ part. Backing away from their work is much easier for a freelancer than a dedicated developer bound by a contract, and this is another reason why freelancers are less and less appealing to startups, where continued work-flow is an absolute necessity.

6- Work Relations and Professionalism

All the members of a dedicated team of expert mobile app developers are professionally trained to adjust to varying company policies and are highly trained for following proper work ethics. If you see this in comparison with a freelancer’s attitude towards work relations, it becomes pretty obvious that dedicated developers are way more professional overall. Freelancers are free to pick and leave any work they want, and the lack of professionalism becomes an unwanted side-effect once they are used to this kind of lifestyle. Dedicated developers, since the beginning of their career, learn to absorb all the professional aspects of working for an organization.


This seemingly one-sided comparison between freelancers and dedicated developers might look biased and favoring towards dedicated developers, but the truth is, freelancers are more suited to large organizations that either need to outsource their work or to those that need a particular skill set that’s lacking in their firms. If we are specifically talking about a startup, there is almost an absolute certainty that hiring a dedicated team of developers would be much more beneficial to the company than hiring freelancers.
However, this is still your responsibility as a startup owner to find a highly professional team of dedicated developers with an excellent track record in handling projects similar to yours.

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Arun Goyal is Founder & Managing Director at Octal Info Solution, leading web and mobile app development company in Singapore, offering platform to hire dedicated developers.

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