Must refer iOS App Development Tweaks for 2019

Must refer iOS App Development Tweaks for 2019

Just following the tradition, iOS is continuing to win the pace in 2019! For this year it has the exciting innovations of all time to be utilized for living the techno-centric lives.

The developers need to be tech-savvy to optimize the technology at its best and come up with the user friendly apps that amaze the customers with unexpected outcomes.

So, let’s have a quick overview on what is new in the bag of “iOS App Development” for 2019. So that each custom iOS App Development Companycan work with the futuristic approach.

Introducing the “CoreML”

As the innovators from Apple continually work to surprise the IT world with the amazing innovation frequently, they have introduced the Machine Learning framework CoreML.

This helps the developers by write less and deliver smart concept. By optimizing the CoreML, developers are able to build the more feature-rich applications with the input of few smart lines of code.

It is well referred due to the amazing functionalities such as Barcode detection, face recognition, object tracking and much more.

More importantly, it is introduced with the enhanced security features.

Focus on Swift 5

Swift 5 has been released officially. It is the latest version after Swift 4. The best part of latest version is great robustness, features of serialization & archival and the betterment to the standard library.

Any app development company can optimize it for making wonders of IT era. Hence, if we consider the futuristic approach, we would expect to see more custom apps by utilizing the Swift 4.

Pay easily with Apple Pay

Considering the trend of online shopping and digital pay worldwide, Apple has released its own wallet application named as Apple Pay.

Just being easy to access and transaction on a single tip, you can have any kind of purchase like payment to the restaurant, or buying a movie ticket, money transfer, booking a ride and much more.

Apple pay is facilitating users with the complete change in payment habits supporting the cashless dealings worldwide. And the fact to be noticed is, The Apple Pay users have been tripled with 500% yoy.  

Look into the Apple HomeKit

For making the lifestyle easier, Apple HomeKit is dedicated feature for the home automation. The all in one app is for all your work and needs in the home.

It makes the lifestyle simple by allowing you with the all control to your appliances from your handy smartphone.

Control and manage your home, like turn of and turn on the lights of room, operate the AC and much more by integrating the Apple HomeKit.

Consider the Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the well-recognized technology and still it has maintained its place in the 2019 as well.

IOS app development companies are expected to develop more apps with the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D applications. Amazon is leading the pace by announcing Sumerian application Platform that is being built with Apple’s ARKit framework.

Craziness for the Siri

Siri is the most intelligent personal assistant an innovation by Apple Inc., being smarter with the artificial intelligence and contextual learning.

That’s the reason; IT experts predict that Siri’s AI is going to be the choice of innovators for the upcoming years as well.

Wrapping Up:

IOS is continuously managing to convince the techno-crates for making the innovative IT services with the all innovative minds pouring their best efforts.

Each year, it increases in the number of high-valued customers by serving them with bizarre technologies.

The technologies keep changing frequently, but under the name of Apple Inc. Hence, iOS app development is a favorite topic to discuss for the developers and the iOS users likewise. So follow the trends of 2019 and lead the pace.

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