Man VS Wild Narendra Modi With Anchor Bear Grylls

Man VS Wild Narendra Modi With Anchor Bear Grylls

Anchor Bear Grylls of Man vs Wild has released a teaser of this program on his Twitter account. He wrote that 180 countries of the world will get an undiscovered forecast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On the occasion of International Tiger Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come out with a new surprise. In an episode of Discovery’s highly-publicized ‘Man vs Wild’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen doing some adventure with Bear Grylls. A video of this has also surfaced, in which the Prime Minister has come out on this journey in a dense forest.

In which he will accompany me to the forested area of ​​India, during this time will also discuss issues related to animal conservation and environmental protection.

This episode will be broadcast at 9 pm on August 12. Prime Minister Bear Grylls is welcomed in a 45-second video that has just been released. In the video, PM Modi says to Bayer that I will keep him (Bambu) with you for me.

In response, Bear Grylls says that you (PM Modi) are the most important person in India, so keeping my safe is my job. Throughout the program, efforts have been made to provide information about animal conservation and environmental protection.

Explain that ‘Man vs Wild’ is such a fairly festive event, which is not only about youth and information about ecology and animals but also in every section of the society. Even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi many celebrities of the world have joined this program.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “India has lush green forests, diverse wildlife, beautiful mountains and powerful rivers. Seeing this program can visit many areas of India and think about environmental protection.

Sharing the video, Bear Grylls wrote, “People from 180 countries will get to see the side of PM Narendra Modi who do not know. Look at the man versus wild show Discovery Channel with PM Modi on August 12 at 9 pm.

In the video released by Bear Grylls, Prime Minister Modi is seen in the car. At the same time, they are also seen talking to the show’s host. Meanwhile, both Prime Minister Modi and Bear Grylls are also sitting on a boat. Both in the video can be seen joking while joking

Obama has also appeared in Man Vs Wild

Let’s say that former US President Barack Obama has also appeared in Discovery’s Man Vs. Wild Show. During that time, Obama discussed important issues s


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