In which city we can find 15 different types of Samosa?

In which city we can find 15 different types of Samosa?

Samosa, is there any Indian who does not like this crispy snack, then the answer will be no. Samosa is prepared all over India, which go well with a cup of tea. According to the history of Samosa, it is stated that this delicious snack is originated from Middle East and Central Asia, and then spread to various parts of the World. People either at office or friends sitting together or in functions or parties, presence of samosa will never be missed.  So, now let’s have a look at how they are prepared and how many varieties are available in India.

Preparation of Samosa

Yummy samosa is a deep fried dumpling with various stuffing in it and served with tomato sauce or green chutney, that make it tangier to eat.  Though there are various samosas available, but still only Aloo samosa will be topping among all those and is a basic type available anywhere. Let’s look at the ingredients that are used in Samosa. In addition to this you can easily order any kind of samosa online from your favorite restaurant using Swiggy Free Delivery with discounted prices.

  • Maida or All-purpose flour
  • Ghee
  • Salt
  • Stuffed with aloo curry or any other

How to prepare samosa?

Preparing samosa, may be little time taking process, but no one minds in taking time and preparing this mouthwatering snack. The process will be as mentioned below:

  • First take one cup of all-purpose flour, add pinch of salt to it, one tea spoon of ghee and mix it properly.
  • Then slowly adding water prepares the dough and cover it with lid.
  • Now, pick potatoes for preparing aloo curry, for aloo samosa and boil them.
  • Then start preparing the curry according to your taste, with spices added in it.
  • Once curry is prepared just take the dough make small chapattis and then put curry in it.
  • Now fold it into triangular shape and paste the corners by applying little water, take care that curry does not come out.
  • Then after preparing all of them start frying them in hot oil one after the other.
  • Then just serve with tangy tamarind chutney or spicy tomato chutney or yummy green chutney as per the choice.

In general in India, triangular shaped samosa are famous and available in various sizes that range from mini, medium to larger ones. Most of the times these samosa are used in Chaats.

Types of Samosas

Samosas in India are made in various types, the outer cover remains same for every type, but only the stuffing inside it changes. Let’s check various types of samosas available in India.

  1. Chole Samosa

Yummy samosa filled with chole curry that is made of aromatic spices and this crunchy snack is ready to eat.

  1. Aloo samosa

Mouthwatering aloo samosa is filled with potatoes and peas curry.

  1. Jam samosa

This is sweeter version of the samosa filled with jam inside and oozes out at every bite.

  1. Irani samosa

Hyderabadi famous irani samosa are smaller in size with any curry such as beans or carrot stuffed inside it.

  1. Chinese samos

A new type of samosa for Chinese food lovers, filled with chowmein or any noodles in it.

  1. Tandoori paneer samosa

Paneer lovers this is totally dedicated for you, which will be crunchy, spicy and soft.

  1. Fish samosa

Sea food lovers can now have fish even in samosa along with herbs and mashed potatoes.

  1. Channa dal samosa

These are khatta – meeta type of samosas and tastier.

  1. Pasta samosa

People who like to have Italian food, can taste Italian Indian delicious pasta samosa.

  1. Mushroom samosa

Mushroom samosa is another excellent evening snack.

  1. Keema samosa

Non-vegetarian lovers this is totally dedicated to you. Keema samosa are mostly prepared in the holy month of Ramadan.

  1. Poha samosa

Poha samosa is mostly prepared in the North India, with poha upma stuffed in it.

  1. Onion samosa

Oninon samosa are another popular type of samosa are available in Hyderabad, with onion curry stuffed in it.

  1. Sweet corn samosa

Sweet corn samosa is also other popular type of samosa available in Hyderabad, this is little bit tangier and spicy one to have it.

  1. Carrot samosa

Carrot samosa are the smaller version of samosas available in most of the sweet shops in Hyderabad, with dry carrot curry in it.

The above mentioned are the popular 15 types of samosa that are available as an evening snack all over India. Each city of India is famous for one particular type of samosa. However, all the 15 types of samosas are not available only in one city, but more than 7 types are available in Hyderabad. So, when you visit Hyderabad for the next type don’t miss to taste Aloo, onion, carrot, sweet corn, irani, keema and paneer samosa. In addition to this if you are looking job for food safety officer then it could be best chance to try it.


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