How to succeed in digital marketing: For real estate agents in Dubai

  1. The real estate sector is, in general, behind other sectors in relation to digital marketing.
  2. In general, real estate agents in all parts of the world make the same mistakes in digital marketing.

Why is the real estate sector behind other sectors?

There are many reasons for a company to do digital marketing. The two most important are to grow a brand, and to generate sales prospects .

Because almost all real estate agents work for a commission (usually, all of their income is from commissions), they are much more concerned with generating sales prospects.

With the exception of large brands (for example: Douglas Elliman in New York or Luxhabitat in Dubai ), real estate companies normally do not focus on growing the brand. I think the reason for this is that the “c-suite” of most companies began their careers as real estate agents. They are more comfortable with sales, and generating sales prospects. In my experience, they don’t understand much about marketing or even believe in its value.

The most common digital marketing mistakes of real estate agents

I have seen many, many agents that forget that digital marketing is very different than generating sales prospects in the traditional way. The most common mistake: most agents open LinkedIn and Instagram accounts and publish many photos of the flats, houses and farms that are sold, and nothing else. The most important rule in all social networks:

In addition, many agents do not understand that LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are very different. LinkedIn is for B2B, and Instagram and Facebook are for B2C. Publications on sites for B2B should be very different from them for B2C.

Ideas for B2B publications

  • How to find the best mortgage
  • How to find a trusted lawyer
  • Reasons to buy property
  • Reasons that it is better to buy property than to buy stocks or bonds
  • Reasons that it is better to buy a house or apartment than to rent it
  • Trends in the global real estate market

Ideas for B2C publications

  • Photos / videos of neighborhoods in your city
  • Photos / videos and information of small businesses in your city
  • renovating a home drives its value, renovation costs)
  • Photos of lamps, property, carpets and other things to decorate a house
  • Recipes from restaurants in your neighborhood
  • Aerial video of your city, or its neighborhoods (rent a drone!)
  • Photos of your previous clients in their new homes
  • Information about schools in your neighborhood or city


You have to focus on two things in digital marketing: growing your personal brand and generating sales prospects. Follow these steps for event:

  1. Post information and photos about growing your brand (read my ideas above) – 80% of your posts should be content
  2. Post photos, videos and information on your real estate listings – 20% of your posts should be your listings.
  3. Connect with people in your city and small businesses in your city (for example: restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, lamp and furniture stores)
  4. Use your social network connections generate sales prospects
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