How to Reduce Fuel Spend by 20% with Fuel Management Software

Based on the inputs given by the American Trucking Association, in the year 2016, almost $90 Billion was spent on fuel for the fleet management of all the trucks that operate in the US. As the diplomacy and policies with the OPEC countries are getting worse with time, they are rigorously increasing the cost per barrel of crude oil. As a result of that, the cost of fuel is skyrocketing and causing problems for the fleet holders.

If you are facing a tough challenge with respect to the rising fuel bills, the fuel delivery system applications can help you to cut down on the fuel consumption.

Especially tailored fuel delivery app development solutions are there in the market to track the fuel consumption and provide immediate relief to the fleet owners.

Most verticals in the transportation business are on the lookout to develop fuel delivery app that will help control the fuel consumption by the drivers. The reason why they are so much worthy are discussed below.

How Fuel Delivery App Solves Fuel Fraud and Excessive Fuel Consumption?

By getting a fuel delivery application developed, one can keep up with the monitoring of the fuel spent and unethical use of the vehicles by the drivers. Top fleet owners are making the arrangements to synchronize their fuel management plan with a responsive software system. By getting such an app developed, the fleet owners are able to see which routes can help them save fuel and at the same time, it will also help them increase the efficiency and the productivity of the fleet with optimum fuel maintenance.

When the right fuel management applications are used with the fleet that you maintain, the software reports the driver’s behavior, the route decisions, and even the precautionary measures that the driver’s take in busy traffic like stopping the vehicle. All of these combined can result in significant fuel saving; thus, increasing the profit margin of the business.

By using the right software system in the form of fuel delivery apps, fleet owners can analyze the historical behavior of the drivers on the road and they can even create a trend report that better suits their business requirements.

Top Ways to Save Fuel on the Road While Driving Your Fleet of Vehicles

Control the Driver’s Behavior

The basic objective of creating customized fuel delivery application is to make sure that the behavior of the driver on the streets are kept under strict surveillance. When the vehicles are speeding over 50 miles per hour, it leads to additional consumption of fuel roughly by US$0.2 per gallon for an increase of 5 miles every five hours. When the drivers are within the speed limit, it leads to less consumption of the fuel and at the same time, also ensure safety on the road. But most drivers want to rush to complete their duty. By having a customized application developed by the reputed application development company, one can easily skip the hassles of spending more on fuel consumption. The apps will notify the drivers every now and then that they are over-speeding and it will do the same to the owner of the fleet. As a result of that, the fleet owners can confront the drivers if they have disobeyed the notifications and continued driving at top speed.

Wrong Routes by Drivers

Fuel delivery app development solutions take note of the route that the drivers will be taking for completing the job. If the drivers are taking wrong routes where the traffic is congested or it has a maximum distance to reach the destination, it will cause significant fuel waste. Having a customized driving app that will guide the drivers based on the GPS and the latest situation can help them skip busy traffic and roads and opt for a smart alternative that will help them reach their destination easily and in a cost-effective manner.

Even the fleet owners are given the advantage to choose two drivers per fleet for the profit maximization and improving the quality of the service.

Vehicle Maintenance

Having an application that will provide you with updates time and again about the vehicle’s health can save fuel consumption. When the vehicles are not well maintained, they tend to consumer more oils. So, it is a better idea to synchronize the application with the vehicle via a computerized system that will track down the cause of excessive fuel consumptions. Top companies are using state-of-the-art technology to synchronize the vehicle’s engine with smart applications that track the vehicle’s health. As a result of this, there has been significant fuel saving happening after the use of these applications.

Fuel Cards with Applications

Similar to the debit cards or pre-paid cards, one can also think about issuing the fuel cards that they can share with the drivers. The fuel cards will have specific fuel targets that drivers need to maintain, and they must keep in mind that over-consumption of fuel do not happen.  By integrating the cards with the applications, the owner of the fleet can track down the refueling times per truck and the amount of money that every driver is spending for the job of transportation.


With the advancement in technology, top companies in the fleet business of transportation are using smart ways to keep their cost lower. The service given by top fuel delivery system software development companies has helped them to stay economical on the road. With the passage of time, the use of technology will go mainstream across all regions of the planet.

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