How to increase memory of your Roku device?

Several Roku players consist of a micro SD card slot. So if you are going to insert a micro SD slot in your Roku, then the memory space gets increased. This space can be used for installing more channels and games in your Roku. But this micro SD card cannot be used for storing personal media such as music, videos and images. For accessing the personal media, you can use the USB device.

If you go on adding more channels to your Roku, then a screen appears suggesting that you must add a micro SD card. On adding the SD card, the channels and games in your Roku player loads more faster than ever

Roku player

In the rear of the Roku player, you will have to insert the micro SD card. You can confirm its insertion by a “click” sound. For removing the card, the card has to be pushed again so that it gets released and ejected

What happens when your Micro SD card is inserted?

  • A dialog appears indicating “Micro SD card detected” and choose the “Format” option
  • For commencing the formatting process, select continue
  • Once the formatting is completed, another dialog appears where you will have to select OK
  • Now the Roku player is in a position to use the Micro SD card as many channels and games can be installed

If you want better results, try using a micro SD card  with a 2 GB minimum storage

Micro SD card Removal

Removal of the micro SD card will not cause any issues, but you will have to install them again from the Roku channel store.

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