How to Improve Your Quality Of Hire | iSmartRecruit

How to Improve Your Quality Of Hire | iSmartRecruit

Hiring is not all about finding the candidates and making them apply. There are several stages of recruitment which gradually evaluate your quality of hire. Most of the recruiters make it up to find new candidates that are willing to apply but the same time not that much applicable.

In this case, certain things really do matter. Let’s see what functions matters in terms of improving your hiring qualities.

  • Qualification
  • Location
  • Current Designation
  • Experience
  • Job Requirements
  • Current Status

These are some of the important factors that work from candidates’ end. Recruiters can implement some practices in their daily routine to improve the recruiting processes and overcome the above challenges from both the ends.

Let’s see the solutions to the problems that can basically improve your quality of the selection of candidates. Besides, it will save you lots of time and efforts too.

  • Improve Sourcing of Candidates

Yes, recruiting starts with the sourcing of the candidates. So, you need to implement such strategies that can improve the way you source your candidates.

You can use job boards that deliver you the relevant candidates only. So use the platforms that understand your requirement and give you the most relevant suggestion.

In this case, if you are targetting only those candidates who can really go into the process well, you can complete most of the stages further in the processes for sure.

  • Choose the right geography

This is one of the most important aspects of recruiting we generally ignore. According to one HR Research Paper, 28% of candidates do not apply for a job that is not nearby their current location.

This research shows that candidates are not willing to relocate. If you are approaching the candidates that are not in your location, you will find it difficult to manage these kinds of candidates while offering the job. Besides, it wastes your time a lot.

  • Current Designation Matters

Of course, you are not going to hire a marketing manager who was working as a developer in his last job/current job. This is a very common recruiting mistake that recruiters do not even realize they are making.

While going for a candidate hunt, you need to finalize your criteria you want to source for. Try to approach those candidates that are more likely to have some experience in your business/industry. This will narrow down your search results and at the end, you will get filtered and most relevant candidates only.

  • Experience & Expertise

If you want to improve your quality of candidates, you have to connect with qualified candidates. Qualified candidates are more likely to move further in the processes.

Besides, if they are having a fruitful experience in your area/industry, it will be more productive in terms of hiring. Focusing on qualified candidates only reduces your post-hiring expenses like training and consulting.

  • Job Requirements

This is one of the ridiculously hidden functions that matter in recruiting the most. While making your Job description, keep it simple and to the point.

Try to maintain transparency with your candidates. If you are not opening about your job requirements to your candidates from the beginning, it may cause big conflicts at the end. Also, it gives a bad impression and a bad experience for your candidates.

  • Current Status of a Candidate

While souring the candidate and communicating, you will realize the current status of the candidates. Basically, there are two types of candidates in the market that surprisingly affects your recruiting based upon who do you choose to go with.

  • Active Candidate

These are the candidates who are actively looking for a job and willing to start the work as soon as possible.

In this criteria, you will find students, fresh graduates, migrants, and trainees sometimes. You can work very easily with this kind of candidates as they are in need of any kind of a job – without specific requirements & demands.

  • Passive Candidate

These are the candidates who are currently working with any organization. They are looking for a job silently. If they find the right and more bright opportunity, then only they will move forward.

These type of candidates are quite difficult to handle. As they might have more demands and expectations.

These are some of the factors affecting while choosing the right candidates. If you want to improve the quality of your candidates and deliver more productive results to your clients/own company, you can use these tricks as a checklist.

As a general approach, recruiters can use these practices with the collaboration of your company workflow. This may result in some great positive impacts on the organization in the long run. If you wish you can add some more useful practices in the comment box.

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