How Much Does a Trekking in Nepal costs?

How Much Does a Trekking in Nepal costs?

Nepal, a famous destination for trekking, mountain climbing & expeditions is a cheap and budgeted destination of the world. You can choose the trek which costs less than USD 100 to even more than 3,000 USD. The short & nearest easy day hikes and also multi 2 to 3 days can be done in less than 100 USD in Nepal.

There are a lot of factors which will affect the cost of trekking in Nepal, and I am going to mention some of them. Here are the factors determining the trekking in Nepal costs

  • Cost of Food and Drinks

During the trek in Nepal, you will be staying overnight at tea houses/guesthouses. Where it costs extra for each food, we eat. You have to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner properly because you will be walking daily 6/7 hours and also at high altitude.

Most of the tea houses offer excellent traditional local meals such as Dal Bhat. You can also eat other items like noodles, pizza, sandwich, etc. in some places.

Moreover, the cost of the food and drinks increases with the increase in altitude.

USD 20 to 25 would be enough for you to eat 1/1 item on breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. For drinks, it costs extra like USD 1 to 4 for tea, and coffee, USD 5 to 8 for Beer, etc.

  • Cost of Guide and Porter

Trekking in Nepal with guide and porter gives you extra fun. The can interduce you with locals around, can teach you local Nepali languages. Also booking tea houses in advance and carrying your luggage, showing you the beauty of Nepal, trekking guides and porters are always helpful for you.

You could get a guide and porter if you booked a trek with a local trekking company in Nepal. Also, you can hire a guide or porter yourself. An experienced and knowledgeable local trekking guide of Nepal will cost around USD 25 and more depending on their specialized knowledge and years of experience. Also, a porter can cost you USD 15 to 20. And a porter can carry up to 20 kg of your backpack.

The price mentioned above will always include their expenses such as food, accommodation, salary, insurance during the trek.

  • Cost of Necessary Gears and equipment

We will require some sorts of gears and materials while trekking in Nepal Himalayas. Sleeping bag, down jacket, trekking pole, Hiking shoes, warm clothes, backpacks are some of the examples of equipment.

You can either buy your equipment in your country or in Nepal too. Nepal also has a lot of trekking equipment shops where you can find both original and duplicate pieces of items.

Also if you want to save money, you can hire the equipment. Each equipment can be utilized on less than 1 USD per day in Nepal.

It would be better to buy one-time use Chinese hiking boots and backpacks if you plan is to do just one trek in Nepal.


Other things that affect the trekking in Nepal costs are Cost of Transportation to reach the starting point of the trek & return, cost of the necessary paperwork for the trek(permits, TIMS) and accommodation during the trek, etc.

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