How Do You Deploy And Manage Underwater Tracking Systems?

There are a few ways that you can use underwater tracking gear and survey equipment, and you must have a system created for you so that you will understand what is happening beneath the surface of the water.  As you make choices for your next expedition, you need to have a look at a few different options that will help you save money, plan your excursion properly, and get all the data that you need when you are on the water.  Consider all the options below before buying or renting.  

An Ultra Short Baseline Sensor Array

The sensor array that you use on the expedition should be a USL or ultra short baseline.  These sensors can be very close together, but they do not interfere with each other.  Because of this, you can get a lot more surveying done when you set up several different arrays under the water.  You can order a custom unit that has been made just for you, and you can have as many attached to your winch as the cables will allow.  

When you are ordering one of these systems, you need to speak to your builder so that you get the exact sensors and array shapes that you want.  When you are building one of these large units, you need to get the exact item for the right amount of money. There are also times when you can get arrays that allow you to interchange parts as you are taking different measurements.

How Do You Monitor Underwater Tracking Systems?

There are many underwater tracking systems that you can use with an ROV or an array that will send information up tot he boat through the umbilical cable.  You can connect your computers to these sensors right away, and you can get instant information from the devices that will be saved to your computer.  You must ask for an umbilical winch that will allow you to connect a data cable, and you need to get a cable that will give you the speeds that you need as you collect all that data.

Remote Controls

You can use a remote control to manage your ROV, and you can even manage the sensor array from the same remote.  You can turn the lights on and off, and you can even use the remote to urn different sensors on at different times.  There are many ways for you to collect the data you need, and you must ensure that you have something that is easy to use.  When you order a massive unit for measurements on your journey, you need to remember that most of the devices can be controlled through a simple remote.


You can rent a lot of the equipment that you need when you are trying to get out on the water and collect data.  However, you need to be sure that you can rent the exact items that you need. Someone who is trying to reduce their costs can rent, but someone who needs to have a custom unit built needs to order a large purchase.  You can work out a payment plan with your builder, and they can install the devices on the boat for you.


The expedition that you have planned for oceanographic research should be outfitted with very nice equipment that is easy to use and priced well.  You can rent with these companies, or they can make something that will fit your needs perfectly. Plus, you can order things that you help you interchange sensors or use a remote control to manage the amount of data you collect.

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