How can astrology help in removing negative energies?

How can astrology help in removing negative energies?

Have you ever wondered why if one goes to a place of worship, he/she feels solace and when one witnesses a sight of violence, then they feel creepy and disturbed? This is because we all are surrounded by positive and negative energies that affect us deeply and have a lasting impact on our lives.

When we spend quality time with our family and friends, we feel blessed but when we spend time with pessimistic people who are full of jealousy and grudges, our mood gets spoiled without any reason. 

One cannot see these energies but it can certainly be felt by the human conscience. Positive energy makes us feel good about ourselves, boosts confidence in our beings and enhances our relations whereas negative energy makes us argumentative, unreasonable and sick. 

The negative energies around us can deeply hamper our business prospects, screw up our careers, spoil the likelihood of a happy marriage or harm us in any other way. If nothing is done to get rid of these negative energies then it can actually damage our being to such an extent that there shall be no moving back. Therefore, it is advised to consult the best astrologer in Lucknow before this negativity leads us to our destruction.

As per the astrologers, there are certain clues that indicate that a person is affected by negative energy. For instance, if you are continuously hounded by some trouble that seems to be unsolvable and due to this reason you have lost your peace of mind, then this could be a result of the negative energy that is thwarting the smooth functioning of your life. Similarly, when you suddenly become extremely annoying and disputatious without any particular reason, then it may be the effect of negative energy upon you.

When such a circumstance arises, where you feel that you have lost control over yourself and seem to be guided by external influences that make you weak, indecisive and anxious, then you must contact the astrologers in Lucknow. 

According to astrological analysis, there are some planetary movements in the horoscope chart of a person that can have a positive effect on the life of the individual. Also, there are certain yantras suggested by the astrologers that can be placed in your home or your office and this would help you get rid of the negative energies around you.

Some of the techniques that can actually help one remove the negative energies from their home are as follows:


  1. Sea Salt
    In order to get rid of the negative energies, one must place bowls of sea salt (in case it is not available, one may use table salt as well) mixed with water in every room of the house. Sea salt is a natural ion generator that dissolves the negativity around you and also enhances the positive energies to rule over your house.


  2. Incense sticks
    The fragrance of scented incense sticks can actually change the negative atmosphere of a home and make it a holy place where one may find solace. This is the reason why incense sticks are mostly lighted during puja ceremonies.


  3. Crystals
    If one puts crystals like apache tears, amethyst and snowflake obsidian in a bowl and places it in their home, then these crystals would attract the negativity of the house and make it disappear. Also, there are certain quartz crystals that can promote positive energies that enable one to develop good concentration and therefore, it is advised to place the quartz in the study room of the house. 
  4. Smudging
    Smudging refers to an ancient art where herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, and cedarwood are burnt in order to create a smoke that absorbs the negative energies and with the dissipation of this smoke, the negativity also vanishes.

These are a few methods that can help you repel the negative energies that surround you. But if you face a grave situation that needs detailed analysis and rectification of your life troubles, then you must consult an astrologer in Chandigarh who would give you personalized solutions for all your problems.



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