Handle your anxiety with care – it can spoil your personal life

Anxiety basically takes birth from tension, unrealistic worries and excessive stress. It’s not a bad thing or not some deadly disease. Anxiety lives until you don’t know how to improve your mental health.

But some of your behaviors which actually comes when you are anxious affect your family or your close people very badly. Especially kids get affected more than anyone by your behaviors.

Sometimes it affects your body more than anything or anyone.

How anxiety affects your body

Anxiety increases the victim’s blood pressure for sure. Otherwise, it can cause enormous stress, sleeplessness, uncontrollable feelings of worry, restlessness, frustrations etc.

 If the severity of anxious feelings bounces out of these mentioned triggers’ normal proportion then your anxiety moves to anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders affect an individual’s nervous system pretty badly. They’ll start feeling exhausted as well as they’ll start sweating extremely, the heartbeat will be raised and sensitivity to surroundings will increase.  So anxiety treatment is a very important, because it’s very harmful for health. You can use Etilaam 1mg for anxiety problem.

This extreme level of anxiety disorder causes an adrenaline rush, a hormone and chemical messenger in the brain. As a result, these anxious reactions become worst. And your brain starts a process called ‘fight-or-flight’ response.

How your anxiety affects others

 There are two ways of your behavior while you’re feeling anxious. One is Stressful Frustrated behavior and the other is Combating Dependence.

Others can be affected by your stressful behaviors in the following way.

  • People who live with you, as an example, your family, is the first victim of your stress and frustration. It is not uncommon that your family can spend months just to find out what is wrong with your loved one. This results in a strain being placed on relationships. Even in some cases, you can see them developing anxiety.
  • If you have kids in your family they got affected by your anxiety more than others. As we all know that kids adopt most of the things that they see or experience in their daily life. That is why if you are suffering from anxiety it transfers to your kids first.
  • If you are in a relationship then your anxiety can create a great issue between you. It can create a negative impact on your relationship. One of the trigger symptoms of anxiety is unrealistic worries. Because of this feeling, you start doubting your partner continuously. Fear of what would happen if he or she leaves you always live in your mind.

What if he doesn’t love me how much I love him? What if he’s hiding something from me? What if he doesn’t reply me back? What if he wants to cheat on me?

This kind of questions always runs in your brain. If your partner doesn’t understand your anxiety problem, your relationship is not going to last long.

Some people with anxiety have an intense desire for closeness to their partners or loved ones. They want to depend entirely on someone. Along with being dependent they find themselves over thinking and planning for worst-case scenarios.

How to handle your anxiety

To handle your anxiety, first of all, you have to understand that stress is not anxiety. It is true that excessive stress can give birth to anxiety. But being anxious and being stressed is not the same thing. Anxiety can ruin your personal life but that is not permanent. If you can handle your anxiety everything will be alright. Maximum cases anxiety comes from your negative conversation with yourself. So if you notice a lot of your anxiety stems from over thinking. When you surface this problem in deeply that time you can use Etizest Pills, with the help of this tablet you can get relief form anxiety.

So, first of all, you have to look for ways you can lessen your stress. Spend more time to just relax or to just chill. Not to work more. Don’t let negative thoughts come into your mind. Don’t stress think exactly where your anxiety is coming from?

  • You can try Grounding as much as possible. No matter where you are, just try to focus on what you are seeing or tasting right now. It will help you to bring back your focus in the reality from the negative world where you only overthink and imagine the worst scenarios of everything.
  • Take big belly breaths when you are feeling extremely anxious. Just put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Inhale slowly through your nose as your stomach expands, then exhale through pursed lips as your stomach falls. Do it when you feel your anxiety is getting worse. You’ll feel much better.
  • Don’t give anxiety so much importance that it starts controlling your behaviours. Just accept that you are suffering from anxiety. It will help you not to lose your confidence.
  • Share your behaviours, what you are thinking, exactly what happens with you when you are feeling anxious, with someone you trust. Sharing things is always a good idea when you are feeling heavy by your thoughts.
  • Write down all your negative thoughts and spend some time with yourself reassuring yourself that they are only your negative thoughts, not reality. No matter how much you are sharing with others, no matter how they are trying to help you by reassuring you, it is true that you talk almost every time with yourself. If anyone can convince you it is you.
  • Try to think in a problem-solving way, not in an anxious way. If you continue thinking in the way where your anxiety is leading you, then nobody can help you. No matter what others are saying you to convince you, your anxiety will filter them and turn them into negative thoughts. Just think of anxiety-like a pause button of your life which can be resumed only by you.

Don’t let anxiety ruin your life. If all of these ideas not working on you anyway, then consult an experienced physiotherapist. Trust their words.

Anxiety cannot be permanent. Sometimes anxiety can help you to learn or experience some realities of life. You’ll get to know who your best friend is or who is your trustworthy during this temporary stage of your life.

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