Gold retail giant Shubh Jewellers offering exclusive South Indian Traditional Jewelleries under one roof

Shubh Jewellers has been appeasing millions of its costumers since 2012. The motive of this retail subsidiary of Rajesh Exports is to cater to the need of South Indian people by providing high quality, unique and cheaper than the market cultural jewellery. Shubh Jewellers is proficient in creating traditional wedding jewelleries especially for bunt, corgi and Kannadiga weddings.

Bunt Wedding

With the bride considered as Laxmi, gold jewellery is an integral part of all the ceremonies. Be it the eldest married women toeing ring in the bride’s hand while performing Murthasese ceremony or the arathi when in laws gift the bride wedding jewelleries. From antique gold coin to the mangalsutra during the dhareyeruna ritual, each and every jewellery is available at all the Shubh Jewellers outlets across Karnataka.

Coorgi Wedding

Shubh Jewellers designs each coorgiwedding jewellery uniquely without disorganizing traditional pattern of the jewellery. Coorg brides wear unique jewellery influenced by natural forms like fruits and flowers as well as moon and the sun, etc. From gold Netti Bottu to gold Coorgi Kadaga, be it gold koke thathi or gold havala sara, every coorgi wedding jewellery is available at Shubh Jewellers across Karnataka.

Kannadiga Wedding

The kannadiga bride is adorned with netri chutti or maang tika on her forehead. It is generally crafted with red, white and other precious stones. Muthina vale jhimki an ear adornment, entele Sara a gold layered chain, haaram a heavy gold long and thin chain, Mavinakayi addigai which is an integral element of the Kannadiga wedding. Every beautiful and important traditional Kannadiga jewellery is crafted with love and proficiency at Shubh.

Shubh Jewellers is the retail outlet of Rajesh Exports – the largest processor of gold in the world and the only company present in all the sectors of gold from refining to retailing across the globe. Consequently, Shubh Jewellers sells all its products on its unique Real Rate per Gram feature which nullifies the wastage cost, making the costumers pay 5-6% less for gold products as compared to the market price.  

“Our prices are 5-6 per cent lower than other jewellers because we are a vertically integrated company and incur costs of 2.5-3 per cent, while our competitors incur 11-12 per cent cost,” says Rajesh Mehta, Chairman of Rajesh Exports.  

Shubh Jewellers has 82 outlets across Karnataka and their vision is to expand it not only to pan India but to global market, targeting more than 2,000 outlets. With such enormous growth prospects, Shubh Jewellers is sure to emerge as the largest gold retailer in near future. 

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