Erectile Dysfunction is going to Dismantle Your Mindset: Here are 5 Ways

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is characterized by the inability of the penis to become erect due to sexual stimulus or is not able to maintain erections for a long time. It is one of the major causes of the growing number of infertile couples in our society nowadays. It is also one of the reasons for the increased number of divorces globally.

To understand the problem of erectile dysfunction, it is important to understand that penis erections are a result of both physical and psychological factors. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction can undergo from lack of sexual drive, soft erections, trouble getting an erection or maintaining it or simply not wanting to have sex with their partners. Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. This is relatively a new disease in men and researches in this field are still continuing. So erectile dysfunction treatment is a very important for men. You can use Vidalista 20mg Professional for improve your male erectile dysfunction.

 Erectile dysfunction may ruin the romantic part of your marriage life. Married couples where the male partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction may have reduced sex time or suffer from anxiety, stress, and frustration. Not having sex for prolonged periods may lead to a feeling of low self-confidence and may spiral down into mental depression.  This also leads the partners in a married couple to frequently quarrel among themselves and keep blaming each other for no reason. It leads to divorces in extreme cases as the partners are too shy or cannot express their problems freely.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated by various methods like-

  • Surgical methods
  • Use of medicines
  • Penile injections
  • Ayurveda exercises
  • Acupuncture therapies and
  • By the use of herbal medicines.

One of the major factors for erectile dysfunction nowadays is the increased level of stress and anxiety within the masses today. Stress and anxiety can be difficult to detect normally and can have bad consequences in your sexual life. Excessive stress and anxiety can lead to experiencing trouble in having erections or lack of sex drives. Having less sex means you are not able to live like a normal human and behave or react in an uncharacterized way. You can also use generic medications, like Fildena 100mg Pills, this pills is a very effective for ED treatment and improvement. So you can use this pills.

Here are the 5 most important changes in your character or attitude, which is due to the mental impact of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

1. You are not able to concentrate on your office work or business

As you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and cannot have sex with your partner and your brain start to hallucinate from the inside as you lack alertness. You also tend to lose confidence and focus on your regular work. The most common symptoms are having headaches or feeling dizzy during your normal office/business hours. Self-esteem and pride are low, and you may experience fear to speak in front of your clients or customers freely and effectively. This may lead to loss of jobs and a reduction in profits for your business as you are not able to manage your professional world efficiently.

2. You cannot get proper sleep at night

This is mainly due to hormonal imbalance which is caused due to stress and anxiety. You stay awake till late night, and your sleep is irregular, i.e. you frequently wake up from sleep after just sleeping for a couple of hours. This directly affects your heart as it is suffering from an irregular heartbeat. This backfires on your erection problems as your heart does not pump blood properly to the penis. Taking sleeping pills seems to be the obvious solution, but sleeping pills contain depressing agents which may actually increase stress and anxiety levels. The tension and pressure of quarrels or the unexpected reaction of your spouse once she hears the news plays in the back of your mind and you are not able to sleep.

3. You tend to become more irritated and frustrated

As you are suffering from pressure, stress, and anxiety all the time you actually become irritated over small things and get angry over petty issues. This can have devastating consequences as your partner will not tolerate such violent nature. Remember when you get angry or become violent your body releases adrenaline hormone which further increases the problem of erectile dysfunction. Start seeing a psychiatrist if you get angry or irritated very frequently.

4. You live a solitude life

You basically start living like a mouse and start avoiding functions, parties or simply gatherings of people. This happens due to your lack of confidence and self-esteem. You feel pity about yourself, and the minority feeling starts to generate inside your mind. You basically get the fear of what will happen if they come to know of my disorder, and people will start questioning about the masculinity in you. You feel that your self-respect and dignity would be shattered in front of a large gathering which would rub salt to the wound.

So you stay inside your rooms more or less and see people unless it is very important. If your wife still does not know about it, you also keep away from your wife and generally don’t speak or come face-to-face with her.

5.  You hate the feeling of love, affection, and emotions

Erectile dysfunction slowly turns you away from the social bonds of love, affection, joy, emotions. You start growing cruel and inhumane to the feelings which give joy and pleasure as your life has become dismal and unhappy. You start growing jealous of other normal married couples. These feelings are generated by the brain.

Hormone such as dopamine and oxytocin are released when we do something which gives us joy and pleasure. As you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, your bodies hormonal system behaves abnormally leading to the less secretion of these hormones, and as a result, you start showing signs of hatred and jealousness. 

Final Takings

Erectile dysfunction can not only lead to a lack of sex in your marriage life, but you start growing dismal and frustrated in your everyday life. You start feeling depressed, and your self-confidence takes a hit. You start leading a secluded life as well. You basically detach yourself from all the bonds of a normal human in a society. 



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