Ensure adopting a Guinea pig from a rescue center

Ensure adopting a Guinea pig from a rescue center

Most people think it’s safer to adopt guinea pigs than to buy new ones. By adopting their pets, they could help the homeless cavies to find a new family that could love them. If you want to try to adopt too, you must know the benefits of adopting instead of buying. Here are some of the reasons why it is best to visit your local rescue centers and look for the newest family member.

Why should you adopt?

The Guinea pig adoption from local animal shelters has many advantages. First, they have a body in good physical shape. Unlike pet shops, animal shelters do not sacrifice the health of animals in their care. Once you start adopting guinea pigs, you will notice how healthier they are than the cavvy sold in pet stores. Credible veterinarians regularly check them in the rescue centers. They are also more sociable because they are already used to being detained and fed by hand by humans. Finally, there is no risk of getting pregnant with guinea pigs from rescue organizations. They store male and female cavities in separate cages to avoid the undesirable number of piglets.

Adopt guinea pigs and save lives

Every penny you spend on raising cavies will be worth it. Once you see them growing, you will be satisfied with the results of the love you provided to the cavvy that were homeless before. Animal lovers like you will always be motivated by the thought of saving lives. It can boost your morale and help you feel fulfilled. Nothing could beat the satisfaction you will feel by becoming the family of cavies that were previously unwanted and taken for granted.

One of the most important things you can do for your guinea pig is to give him proper housing. Although there are many types of guinea pig cages, you need to consider some important factors when setting up your new pet’s home. Giving your guinea pig a proper cage can help him become a healthy and happy guinea pig.

The most important thing to know about Midwest Guinea Pig Cage is that most of the ones you see in the pet store are way too small to keep a guinea pig for a long time. Guinea pigs need exercise and need space to explore and relax. Most pet shop cages are barely big enough for a single adult guinea pig to turn around, let alone share with a mate. Fortunately, you can build your own guinea pig cage cheaply and easily using a plastic sign material called coroplast and organizing cubes that you can buy from a furniture store. Making your own cage will allow you to design your new pet’s home to your own specifications and leave enough room for new friends and toys.

Once your cage is installed, you need some kind of litter to absorb the waste of your guinea pig. There are many types of bedding available for small animals, but you must choose one of recycled paper or hardwood chips, such as aspen. Softwoods such as pine can contain volatile oils that can make your cavern ill or cause an allergic reaction, and cedar chips are toxic to small animals.

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