College is not meant for everyone

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of college?

stress,Fun, happiness? Or stress, exams, assignments, assignment writing services?

well , it all depends upon your college experience or how well do you fit in the college environment?

A person who does not have a college degree is considered to be a failure in the eyes of the society, so after completing the high school students are highly expected to enroll themselves in the college, that’s something that the society expects them to do.

The students who do not attain their college degree, they are sidelined by society and are labeled as illiterates. The community always has a negative connotation for the students who do not want to go through the traditional route of pursuing a college degree.

It is often considered that it is not possible to have a decent career without a college degree, in fact, nowadays college degrees have started becoming equivalent to the high school diplomas, that enforces the students to get other certifications and degrees.

Well, this was one side of the coin and if we try looking at the other side of the coin than we can see that college is not meant for everyone and it is totally okay to accept this fact. Well, don’t you think so? It is okay not to follow your heart.  You are so not a failure if you have not pursued your college degree; it is essential for you to break the stereotype that college is the only way to achieve success.

Well, if you don’t want to pursue your college degree, you still can make a lot out of your life. In the United States of America, they have a specialized training program for the kids who do not want to go for college education, these programs are basically called vocational programs, and under these programs, the students are trained in a particular trade or craft. The common careers that are produced from these vocational programs are plumbers, technicians, and several other positions that are needed in the fields of engineering, medicine, accounting, law, and architecture.

There are so many jobs in the world that are highly secure and have many benefits. Let’s talk about Germany; they have some exceptionally successful training programs that help to build jobs and improve their economy to grow.

Looking at so many examples, we can say that we should just stop giving so much emphasis to the college education instead we should try helping the students by illustrating various paths and options they can move towards. On the other hand, we also cannot ignore the concerns that people have, but it is high time for them to understand that it is not essential for all the students to have a college degree, they still can make a lot out of their life without achieving them.

Therefore, it is a great idea to expose various new options to the students and stop shaming them for not going to college.

Well, here are a few reasons that support why is it okay to not go to college.

College is pretty expensive.

Well, yes, it is not an easy task to afford the college fees, just like the prices of other stuff keeps on growing so does the college fees, and as the prices keep on rising it gets more and more challenging to pay them. And at the end of the day, you don’t even get to see a staunch future like to have a decent job or anything related to that, so we can say we cannot expect a decent return in spite of paying a bomb price for the college education.

If we run our eyes quickly through the present times, we can witness an army of shell-shocked graduates who are out there with a worthless college degree and have no clue where their life is going.

Time spent in college can be put to better use.

This is indeed true; there are plenty of jobs out there where skipping the college degrees make complete sense and you can immediately embark on the career because the job degree experience is more important than a college education.

And the students who decide to skip college sure won’t have a degree after four years, but they have a strong experience of 4 years under their belt.

College workload is not easy to bear

Well, yes, nothing can be more real than this sentence; it is not easy to bear the college load. The level of academics is way more complicated than the high school, and the assignments are a hard nut to crack. Students often look for some online assignment help to get their assignments done.

The students, of course, hate paying a bomb price for their homework help, and therefore, they sometimes fail in bearing the college burden.

Not Everybody is a college material.

College is undoubtedly hard for the students who are forced to enroll themselves, they find it impossible to adjust themselves in the surroundings, so it makes no sense for them to attend the college if they are profoundly disinterested in doing so because things done half-heartedly are of no good.

Well, we sure aren’t advocating everybody skip college, we just want to make you understand that college is not meant for everyone and without attending college they sure can make something out of their lives.

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