Call recorder – A device, software and an Application for recording a call

Call recorder – A device, software and an Application for recording a call

Call recorder is basically a software which records telephonic conversations and stores it as an audio format file. PSTN and VoIP are the two methods of call recording. The ratio of using a call recorder is increasing rapidly. It can store the total logging history with the conversions. With the technology upgradation, there are various mobile Apps released on call recorder, which are lots of features of call recording. Call recording is crucial for any business and especially for widespread planning. There are many call recording laws in every country, which you have to follow before recording a call. By following these laws, one can record telephonic conversations legally.

There are various call recorder tool available in the market. Call recording mobile Apps is also in use these days. You can download these Apps free and can record calls for personal use. By Google you can record incoming call only, outgoing recording facility is not there. But for any business purpose, country’s legal issues or any professional meeting a good call recording software is very much essential which provides all sorts of functionalities. The price of this recording software is different depends upon the functionalities.

Important Features of a call recorder

  1. Before purchasing a call recorder tool or software, just make sure that it provides high-quality audio or not. The main motive of recording a call is to hear the conversion later. So the audio quality should be clear and loud.
  2. Another most important feature is call recording a call automatically. For personal use, this feature may not be needed but for any international business call or for any legal country related purpose, automatic call recording is the most essential feature.
  3. Port the software in any virtual phone number and you can start recording calls.
  4. You can use that type of recording software, which is compatible with other different devices like your business mobile (android and ios), desktop and MAC machines. There should be sync between all these devices. It is the most advanced feature of a call recorder.
  5. Another most important feature is unlimited call recording time. There should not be any time limit of a call recording. If you can record calls, only for specific time limit then it may not serve your recording purpose.
  6. Incoming and outgoing, both the recording facilities should be there in a call recorder. In any professional work purpose, you may have to record to call for further use. So, both the facilities should be given in the call recorder.
  7. It should be compatible to dial and pick calls to or from any national or international number.
  8. The total call log should be recorded by the call recorder. This call history is very important for future use.
  9. The accessibility of the call recording audio files should be handy. You can download the digital audio recording anytime from any machine.
  10. Some of the advance call recorder Apps has notification sending feature. This feature will make the recording easier.
  11. Sending and receiving text messages is another great feature of call recording Apps.

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