Best WPLMS themes for designing Websites for education purpose

Education plays a very vital role in the development of a nation. A country is said to be developed if all the people residing are educated and employed. E-learning nowadays is the way of getting an education. You can easily find the relevant information over the internet. Various LMS(Learning Management Systems) are available for e-learning. You can create the best e-learning website for educational purposes. WPLMS is the best tool through which you can easily create an e-learning website. It offers you to create a responsive and multipurpose website for educational purposes. All the necessary tools are provided for making an efficient website.

While it may vary based on the education provided by your site, a traditional educational subject should be equipped with tools such as course building templates, grading systems, student management and more.

Course Builder

Price: $ 64

Course Builder is the best theme for schools and teachers. Anybody can use it who wants to run the course and share online.

The theme includes several types of templates that allow you to prepare designs and features for the type of training that you want to train to do, therefore, for a variety of purposes, There is no need to reproduce something for the teacher.

The best place to start with the Course Builder is how to set up a Course Builder and how to customize it is a step-by-step guide.


Price: $ 59

Guru is a multipurpose WordPress theme integrated with Sensei LMS plugin, which makes it different from the other WPLMS themes. With Sensei, you can create courses, lessons, and easily add quizzes. You can also allow user registration, get course analysis and report directly from your dashboard. The Guru also integrates with WooCommerce to easily sell the course.

In addition to WooCommerce and Sensei, Master also integrates MailChimp for BuddyPress and Email for Social Profiles.

Clever Course

Price: $ 63

The clever course is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that can be used to sell online and offline courses. Even the training center can also use its onsite course facility. This makes it dynamic and multifaceted, thus making it suitable for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

One of its distinctive features is the front-end student dashboard that demonstrates student progress in a decent organized layout. Clever Course supports PayPal, Pémail, Stripe and other payment gateways, making shopping easier. You can also provide certificates to the students on successful completion of the course.


Price: $ 99

If you are searching for a topic that has all the latest features, eLumine is the one for you. Created by WisdomLabs, this new-theme-on-the-block is compatible with leading LMS plugins on WordPress.

Meanwhile, eLumine is built on Unyson Framework. It allows you to create pages using Unyson Page Builder. Unison features like backup and restore, SEO is already built-in.

To give names to a few topics, there are also given advanced social integration, bbPress platform, badge support, and WooCommerce integration.

The complete form of the fully customizable theme and looks are elegant yet powerful. Courses, lessons, and quizzes are displayed neatly. eLumine is a fully responsive theme and works perfectly with the desktop as well as on the mobile.

Education WP

Price: $ 69.

Education WP is a multipurpose WordPress Support theme. It is used for various academic projects.

You can start a new academic program in your local area. You can read online courses.  Provides language learners with an educational app so it is very easy to learn the language he wants to learn. Whatever kind of learning environment you want to create or promote, you can do it with education.

It offers a step-by-step guide to help you in establishing and adapting education WP.


Price: $ 59

LMS is a topic that enables users to create an entire learning management system within a website.

It is integrated with e-commerce, scheduling, quiz system, video hosting, course progress trackers and other educational features. You do not have to look far away from this topic to run your site.


Price: $69

If you want to make money to share a video post or video tutorial, or to collect a bunch of video content from the web, Vlog is a great option, which is made by MeksHQ.
As it was specially made for video content, so it has been optimized for performance so that you have less to worry about loading speed. It supports all major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more Supports video providers’ content.

Wrapping up

After discussing all the given WPLMS themes we came to know that each WordPress LMS theme is perfect for making a website for online education. It just depends upon the needs of the users which type of website he wanted to make. Now it’s your time to create a robust website with these LMS WordPress themes. 

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