Affordable IVF treatment with medical tourism in India

Affordable IVF treatment with medical tourism in India

One of the most common treatments that couples around the world are opting for these days is IVF or invitro fertilization. Thanks to the changing lifestyles and the late age at which people chose to have their own child, many couples are facing the problem of infertility. Sometimes it is seen in women, especially when they have PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or in men who have various infertility issues. Whatever the reason might be, this is a pressing problem to which IVF has been pegged as the most effective solution and that too at the best IVF Centers in India. Now how does IVF function as a proper treatment option when it comes to conceiving a child when a couple suffers from infertility issues?

What is invitro fertilization?

Well it is process in which the fertilization of a matured egg by sperm happens in a petri-dish, outside the human body. This is one form of ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology which is helping couples around the world to conceive and have biological children of their own. In order for IVF to take place, one needs to visit a proper and renowned IVF center and undergo the steps necessary when the couple has been diagnosed with infertility issues. There are several steps to this process. The first step involves the woman taking numerous medications over the course of time to mature an egg, so that it may be ready for fertilization. One that is done, the egg is then extracted from the body and a sperm and the matured egg is placed in a petri-dish, where they fertilize each other. Once the egg is fertilized it is then transferred back into the body of the bearer and pregnancy happens only when it sticks to the uterine wall where it can grow and develop. It is important to remember here that the woman from whom the eggs were extracted need not be the woman in whose body the egg is transplanted. If someone else is chosen to carry the fertilized egg, then she is known as the surrogate. Sometimes when women have thin uterine line which sheds frequently, surrogacy might be necessary. However, IVF is a complicated process whose success rate varies and hence one effort might not always be enough. Thus, some couples have to go through it over and over again. It is a tiring process but the when it works, it is indeed beautiful.

IVF treatment in India

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to IVF treatment is to remember that it is quite an expensive process. Each IVF implantation costs a lot and hence to do it repeatedly one needs to have a lot of monetary support. There are some of the best IVF Clinics in India which offers a complete treatment plan and with proper care. This is one of the perks of medical tourism in India and one of the most important reasons is that it will be much more cost effective here. India offers specialized and trained doctors in all fields and treatment procedures are fairly priced and pocket friendly, compared to many other places across the world. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to opt for medical tourism in India. They not only end up saving a lot of money, but then couples sometimes can afford to go for 2-3 tries even when the first attempt does not work out as expected. Fertility centers are many and one can take a pick based on what they think will suit them the best. One can opt for online consultation before flying down all the way to India. Once a doctor and a medical center are fixed, it becomes more planned and easy to go about the entire process. It is always best to look for accommodation near the center for treatment so that it becomes easily accessible. Medical tourism requires a lot of planning. If you want to get it done properly, it is best to hire a medical tourism company of India to get the planning done so that you may go through your treatment seamlessly.

IVF treatment is a delicate process with a lot of hopes riding on it. Go about it carefully with a properly planned out medical tour to India.

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