9 Ways to Take Ownership of Your Health Before Year Turns Into 2020

9 Ways to Take Ownership of Your Health Before Year Turns Into 2020

It is easy to fall into the trap of a careless lifestyle. Such a lifestyle allows you to make excuses for any of the decisions you made but never acted upon. This is particularly true when we want to change our habits and make them better. In order to take ownership of the decisions that affect one’s health, a person should recognize certain behaviors and address the triggers. 

But, above all, every change starts with a review of our current lifestyle first. Once a person does this, he or she can start by taking care of the things we mention in this article. 

For starters, let’s do the following first:

1. Review your lifestyle first

Before you sit down and write a long list of New Year’s Resolutions, sit down and review your lifestyle. The following two questions will help you make your health a priority among the list of wishes. How often do you postpone something until tomorrow? 

If the answer to this question is Often, you need to rethink your priorities. This means that you’ve often made a mental note to change a habit. When the time came to do something about it, you’ve probably decided to postpone it until tomorrow.

How often do you say no? If the answer to this question is not often, this is a signal that you put everything else above your needs. This might be the reason why you’ve never gone through with the plan to exercise three times a week or eat healthily. 

If your answers correspond to our explanations,  you need to review your lifestyle and pay attention to incorporating the following into your day. Your lifestyle deserves an overhaul and the end of the year is the right time to start.

2. Have a healthy relationship with sugar

Hidden sugar is practically in every product you buy. Dairy, processed foods, snacks, pre-made meals or instant meals, not to mention sugary snacks and drinks. People often use sugar to beat the afternoon slump. However, this only makes you addicted to this rush of sugar and slowly packs more weight. 

There is also emotional eating caused by stress. These habits should remain in 2019 if you truly plan on taking ownership of your health. Take the following into consideration: men need 37.5 grams, while women need only 25 grams of sugar per day. 

To simplify it even more, men need 9 teaspoons, while women should consume only 6 teaspoons. It is a lot when you look at it like this. So, try to develop a healthy relationship with sugar to avoid weight gain and diabetes. Snack wisely and incorporate a snack according to the amount of physical activity and general calorie intake. 

Protein is needed to repair and build muscles. Fat gives us energy and helps our body absorb certain vitamins like A, D, K and E. Natural sugar will also boost our energy, while processed and added sugar will make us gain weight. Good sources of fiber keep our gut and digestive system healthy. A well-balanced diet is made of all these nutrients. It will give you a proper source of energy and keep your body healthy. Balance is the key, so if you follow this diet every day you will get a chance to indulge yourself without any guilt.

3. Your diet is more than just burgers and fries

People are addicted to fast food as much as sugar. Food addiction is a real condition and approximately one in twenty people is addicted. A grown person diet should not consist of burgers and fries. Generally speaking, deep-fried food is highly unhealthy due to the amount of fat, calories, and salt. It causes health conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and causes an unhealthy relationship with food. 

Each time you eat a deep-fried meal, you will crave it more and more. It is easy to fall into a habit of eating only junk food. However, this will seriously harm your health in the long run. Instead of ordering food, try meal prepping at home. This way you’ll control what you eat and limit any temptation. Each meal should consist of lean protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbs found in veggies and fruit. 

4. Incorporate non-exercise physical activity into your day

Throughout our days, people have long periods of inactivity. When you are deeply immersed within a work project or a task, you forget about the fact that you’ve been sitting for a while. This sedentary behavior should be adjusted to allow periods of activity. 

Non-exercise physical activity can help you cancel the negative effects of sitting for hours. Firstly, stand up every 50 minutes and be active for the following ten. Walk while you talk on the phone, stand up and continue working that way.

Have active lunch breaks instead of sitting and eating. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Change your sitting position to activate different groups of muscles. Just aim to sit less and try to incorporate more walking into your day. 

5. Playtime is important as well

friends playing pool because it is good for their mental health

Playtime is not reserved for kids only. The popular proverb sums it up perfectly “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In other words, if you spend all your time working, you’ll feel drained and unhappy. So, find time to enjoy a fun activity. 

Play a video game and put your patience to the test. Host a game night at your place and use this time to socialize. Use a break at work to play with colleagues. It will encourage teamwork and boost productivity. The takeaway here is to find time to let your inner child have fun and worry less.

6. Obtain proper tools for stress management

Stress is real and one in five people is struggling with it. If a person does not possess the right stress management tools, it will lead to other serious health issues like depression, insomnia, and burnout. Therefore, every grownup must have at least one tool to fight stress. Some people meditate, journal, talk with a therapist or engage in a fun activity. 

The easiest activity any one of us can do is spend active time outdoors. Many people pick cycling because it goes easy on the joints and it gives you a burst of endorphins. If you want to experience the true benefits of cycling while commuting to work, you can choose a folding electric bike. The majority of stress is work-related, so jumping on a bike right after work can reset your emotions and relieve stress. If you are too tired to pedal, the power system will assist you so you won’t get tired.

7. Prevention, prevention, prevention

Your body will always send out a signal if something is wrong. The fact that people usually respond to these by not taking any action can lead to health problems. So, prevention is the key to keeping yourself healthy. Whenever something feels out of the ordinary, visit a doctor. 

Don’t rely on Google to tell you more about your symptoms. Regular health checkups can identify a health problem early on. So, find the time in your busy schedule to do yearly check-ups.

8. Supplement your modern lifestyle

Even when you finally decide to switch up your diet, you’ll still need to supplement it. Your diet should be the main source of macronutrients, vitamins, and other vital nutrients. However, this is sometimes not enough because. 

We spend a lot of time indoors, so we might be lacking vitamin D. Also, optimal levels of vitamin C are essential for the better immune system, growth, and repair of body tissue and other body functions.  Additionally, add more sources of magnesium to improve restorative sleep, controls your muscles and nerves and improves energy. 

Make sure to supplement these vitamins separately or get a good multivitamin. In addition to this, people should take care of their gut health. Increase the consumption of probiotics, yogurt, and fermented foods to support a healthy gut.

9. Put yourself first

If you truly plan on fixing your lifestyle for the better, take care of yourself. Putting yourself first is a shortcut to better mental health and higher levels of overall satisfaction. Once you decide to do this, your enthusiasm, motivation and energy will rise. Sort out your priorities and block your time to accomplish them. 

By blocking your time you don’t allow anything else in that time slot. Next, strike a proper balance between being there for others and spending time on self-care. If you build a proper support system, these people will be there for you. Moreover, they will understand the importance of your own priorities. Embrace the beauty of the joy of missing out, aka JOMO and enjoy spending time with the number one. Your number one is always you, so take care of him or her.

2019 is almost coming to an end. Before it turns into 2020, we should rethink our habits and upgrade them to those that serve us. Those that do not, should remain in 2019. Once we start incorporating healthy habits into our day, we will truly take ownership of our future and our future self.


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