5 Reasons why Preschool is important. This is how it helps your child

5 Reasons why Preschool is important. This is how it helps your child

The first five formative childhood years are crucial to development as they adopt new learnings pretty easily. While home-schooling is effective, commitment from parents and dedication is something to dwell upon. Modern-day demands much more from parents which may get taxing over a period of time. Therefore, opting preschool in Ahmedabad for a child is the best alternative to ensure holistic child development and making the most out of their crucial learning years.


These years also make up the best time for physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. The preschool years usually between three to five years of age are responsible for not only physical but also emotional, social and cognitive development. Thus, preschool education becomes essential as teachers are committed to ensuring child development, keeping up with the elementary school requirements.

Here are a few reasons why enrolling your child in a preschool is essential.

1.    Leveraging Foundation Years

With their leaning and grasping power at peak, children are quick learners around this time. They have the natural ability to learn and respond faster than ever. This carves a perfect age to get introduced to new learnings and getting out of their comfort. Parents can significantly contribute to the well-being of their children and help to propel them positively in life ahead.

With their charged up physical energy and level-up curiosity, they are open to learning for which these early years help formidably. As a parent, you’ll discover their true potential and latent capabilities when your child is enrolled in a preschool.

2.    Picking up Life Skills

When a child enters in a preschool they start exploring an altogether different world. The curriculum in preschool is designed to help child in picking up the skills by recognizing their talent. Interacting with others will help them improving language skills, vocabulary and refining fine & gross motor skills. Physical development is important and thus, preschool engages children in sports and arts activities where they can unwind themselves naturally.

You may never know how good your child is at drawing, sketching, or playing a particular game until they discover it for themselves. Be it playing a musical instrument and indulging in sports activities, they are going to pick up life skills at preschool. It offers a perfect environment and enough resources for children to practice and experiment various things. Acquiring or familiarizing with their new skill is the by-product of their physical and sensory development borne out of engaging activities at preschool.

3.    Gaining confidence

Key to gaining confidence is getting out of the mundane, trying something new and experiencing the true potential. Classroom learning at preschool will have children participating in a positive environment where they are motivated by teachers and staff alike. This matures them enough to have a sense of their own self by taking decisions and contributing to classroom activities. With knowledge comes power and this is what exactly every preschool kid would feel. Their preschool year will be an embodiment of their real self and this aids in carving an identity for themselves.

Children can improvise quickly at an early age and therefore, implementing positive feedback yields appreciation that boosts their morale. And acceptance by other pupils will help them feel positive about their approach to life and they start placing themselves highly. Missing out on a preschool may hamper their confidence especially when put around amongst other kids at elementary school.

4.    Addressing Curiosity

Children in their early age are prone to asking insignificant yet insightful questions to parents and teachers. Learning at daycare school in Ahmedabad ensures addressing every absurd curiosity. Teachers at preschool are trained to have patience and are good listeners. So they encourage children to feed in their curiosity with rationale. Parents are usually on the run gets baffled when their child asks them something irrelevant out of the blue.

This is where preschool comes to rescue, easing your parenting tasks and making your child develop a rationalised approach towards resolving curiosities. Preschools help them find their answers through observation, experimentation, exploration and conversation.

5.    Indulging in Playful Learning

Most parents are caught between choosing between play and academics. Here, preschool offers an ideal solution by eliminating the false dichotomy. It is only through play that a child learns important academic and life lessons. That’s how they experience the world around them – fun, play, and cheerfulness. The skill and drill approach that parents may adopt put their childhood at risk by cutting down the fun which ultimately helps them develop.

Blending in learning goals with important academic lessons makes way for playful learning. Preschools have free play sessions where teachers are observing – identifying the right approach for imparting education. Children also use more sophisticated language when in the classroom which helps them learn etiquettes and manners.

Final Words…

Teachers are preschool is the best judge who helps to balance play with learning and bring out the best from every child. Growing up is made easy at preschool as they implement tried and tested methods for child development. Children gain significantly from preschool right from befriending new pals, learning new things and developing their own, fresh perspective on everything around them. It also helps parents to know the true potential of their child and gives them the chance to work on certain areas where need parental guidance and attention.

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Usha Agrawal co-founder at LittleWings, one of the leading Preschool in Ahmedabad that focuses on the holistic development of children. Her dedication towards understanding childhood development contributed immensely to providing many kids with a solid foundation in the early years.

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