10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Fridge Clean & Organized

Having a problem with a messy fridge? You might want to read on to help keep your fridge clean and organized. Aside from the dishwasher, your fridge will probably be the appliance that is most used in the kitchen. Besides keeping your fridge neat and clean, organizing your refrigerator will also help in the cooling efficiency as well as help in preventing cross-contamination.
Listed below are 10 easy ways to keep your fridge clean and organized:

  1. Emptying the fridge:
    The very first step to a clean and an organized refrigerator is the empty the fridge entirely. Section by section, take out everything that is in the fridge, throw away all the expired products, and wipe away all the dirt.
  2. Lazy Susan:
    A turntable works great for refrigerated condiments. A lazy Susan makes it easier to get items in the back of the fridge a whole lot easier. You will be able to pursue your sauces kept at the end for your preferred sandwiches. These lazy Susan’s can also be found out in the Toshiba fridge. It is known that these fridges already have something similar to the lazy Susan in their fridge.
  3. File organizer’s:
    Organizers that are used to keep files in them can be used as a great alternative to store all kinds of snacks. You will be able to store products like yogurts, chopped vegetables, pouch drinks, etc.
  4. Drawer dividers:
    You can buy or make drawers that are generally used for clothing. Grouping products of similar category like green vegetables or sandwich toppings will help to organize better. The drawers can be adjustable and can be of your preference.
  5. Organize foods based on their purpose:
    Usage of labeled baskets to keep similar foods like meats, cheeses, etc. makes it easier for the user to be able to find the product. If you are a regular meal planner, putting the main food ingredient for particular days in a basket will make it easy to pull and cook whatever is needed for that specific day.
  6. Bottle Hanger:
    Bottles tend to take up a lot of space in the refrigerator. With advanced technology, the strips of the hanger are stuck to the ceiling of the refrigerator and automatically, it holds the bottles in place magnetically. You can utilize your beer bottles up here.
  7. Paper towels:
    Keep your products for a long period of time by placing a layer of paper towel at the bottom of the drawers. Once the towels are placed, you can fill them in with fruits and vegetables or any kind of other product, whatever suits you.
  8. Clean sweep:
    A regular habit should be built of doing a cleaning every week. Not only will you get rid of the leftovers but also the products that are expired. This regular cleaning of the refrigerator will help give you a fresh picture of what you need to store in the fridge and what you don’t need to.
  9. Hang Baskets:
    There are certain baskets that are available to be stuck on the side of your refrigerator. It’s an easier way to put smaller things in those baskets that might get lost if put in the refrigerator. These baskets can also be used to put in those long veggies that don’t fit in the drawer and are a problem storing in the fridge.
  10. Humidity Control:
    An individual should always know how to use the humidity settings on the refrigerator to help keep up the fruits and vegetables longer. Settings options are available on almost every fridge and can be used to set the humidity from high to low or low to high. Sharp fridges have advanced technology, meeting every need of freshness and helping to store food for a long time.

Hope you have been inspired to clean out your fridge. Cleaning your fridge at least twice a month is recommended to avoid any kind of bacteria to spread and a possible outbreak in your home. Fridge being the most used appliance in the house, a little extra effort to help keep it organized and clean will do good to you, to your kitchen and your family.

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