10 Credit Card Benefits that I wish to have in 2020

As there are only three months left for the upcoming year, i.e., 2020, it’s the appropriate time to think about the future credit card plans. Here are a few things listed over here regarding the plans expected from the future credit card Benefits.

1. 0% Markup fee

There are debit cards available in the market from the last few years with a 0% mark up fee, but till date, no credit card like that has been introduced.

Banks are not providing this facility for now as it takes up their basic revenue stream. But it’s finally time to take up these plans as many start-ups have started offering this policy on pre-paid cards. 

2. Special Health/Car insurance

Many banks offer there so-called “special life/health insurance,” which does not contain any unique elements like the other policies. But some banks have proved these specific policies by saving 30% over two years and additionally provide amazing OPD benefits.

The competitors must look towards these new policies and upgrade their plans.

3. Hotel Credit Cards

With the expanding number of hotels and properties for a stay in India. India will soon need a credit card for travel purposes which will provide exciting offers on booking hotels and also on travel.

4. International Airline Credit Cards

To increase the passengers in airlines new credit cards, especially for International Airlines, need to be made, the banks must try to connect with different Indian and International airlines which allow them to provide offers in the way of points which can be earned by the cardholders on their Indian credit cards. The points can be redeemed on the flight bookings.

5. FREE CIBIL Report

To have a good credit score, you first need to know your score. You can check your credit score for free through credit agencies’ websites or an online marketplace. There is no charge on checking your credit report. You can even track your monthly credit report for free.

6. Reciprocal Banking Benefits

If you want to have multiple credit cards in the Premium category, then you need to have a high-value relationship with the bank. This means that you need to keep more amount of capital with the banks. A premium credit card with additional banking benefits would be a commendation by the banks.

For now, only a few banks provide such kind of benefits in India, since every cardholder desires to have an easy to understand policy with additional banking benefits.

7. Birthday Benefit

Reward points on your birthday is also an excellent scheme which will help you to earn extra points and redeem them as per your choice.

Some banks do follow this policy, but it is expected that in the upcoming year’s other banks will also start with this. 

8. Complimentary Memberships

Today you all purchase multiple memberships related to online shopping, streaming, and dining, so it would be very attractive for your credit card plans if banks provide membership plans of given below applications complimentary for a certain period: 

  • YouTube Premium
  • Netflix Premium
  • Amazon Prime
  • Swiggy Super User
  • Zomato Gold

9. Dining offers

Many cards have started giving schemes on online food delivery portals where they provide certain percent off on the food ordered. This makes you much more glad of owing a card with special benefits.

10. Overseas Medical Insurance

Overseas Medical Insurance is provided to the cardholders with the topmost plan of the bank. This insurance is compulsory for people traveling to western counties, but in Asian countries, it is optional.

Some cards have started with this policy on an individual basis. It is hoped that the other issuers will start it soon.


The current credit card plans are just decent for now in India, but these ten schemes will take up the industry of credit card to another level.


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